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TVS Ronin 225 Motorcycle Overview

Incomparable. Designed like no other, it's a motorcycle that can change its purpose as soon as you change your mind. Adaptive. Streets, hills or trails, the TVS Ronin is more than adept to adapt to whatever your heart desires. Energetic. Exceptionally designed, it's the one motorcycle that finds the perfect balance between muscle and manoeuvrability. Now age. Modern functionally comes naturally to a motorcycle that has no set agenda to follow



Announce your arrival with the unique T-face pilot lamp. Or light up any adventure using the powerful all-LED headlamp. And let those LED turn signal lamps keep you safer than ever, but with style!

All - LED Tail Lamp

With its sleek design and all LED Tail Lamp, the TVS Ronin brings together safety and style every time you ride

Chain Cover

Meant to tackle the toughest terrains, the sleek chain cover keeps the drive-chain protected, wherever you go.

Custom Exhaust

Designed to stun, the TVS Ronin's custom exhaust ensures effortless efficiency while you ride your own story.

Wheels and Tyres

Wrapped in specially commissioned wide-block tread tyres, the first-in segment machined 9-spoke alloy wheels make a stunning first impression.

Asymmetric Speedometer

Off-centre so you can ride off-script, the speedometer comes with a unique placement and displays regular updates during every ride.

Rain and Urban ABS Modes

Whether it's the rain you're battling or the tricky tarmac, the TVS Ronin's dual channel ABS ensures superior safety while braking.

Glide Through Technology (GTT)

Enjoy effortless low-speed riding in traffic. Simply engage GTT by releasing the clutch in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear and glide through without accelerating

Feather touch ISG

Start the engine with a light touch and minimal noise using the electric feather-touch ISG feature.

USD Front Suspension

The TVS Ronin's upside-down front suspension allows better control and agility while driving at various speeds.

Slippper clutch

Experience fewer jerks and less clutch use with the slipper clutch that helps smoother transitions between gear shifts

Adjustable levers

Get better handle grip, on or off the road with 3-step adjustable levers that come with custom adjustments for the clutch and front brake.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With bluetooth connectivity you can stay connected to your bike through your phone. Get navigation updates and view a complete ride analysis, after each ride.

Voice assist

Control your ride through voice assist and get real-time updates on navigation, call or SMS alerts, bike health and much more. So, talk to your bike and it'll talk back!

Instant call/SMS alerts

Stay connected with alerts (via Bluetooth) every time you receive a call or text.

Distance to Empty (DTE)

It’s always the right time to set out. Especially when your TVS Ronin's smart digital display reminds you when to stop, refuel and hit the road again.

Gear shift indicator

With the TVS Ronin's gear shift indicator, ride better with real-time suggestions on gearing up or down at different speeds.

Side stand engine inhibitor

If the side stand is down, the bike won't start and an indication will show up on the off-centre display. That's how your TVS Ronin keeps you safe, always.


Apache Owners Group Nepal

Apache Owner Group, is a community of passionate and like-minded riders of the TVS Apache, sharing a common platform to explore and spread their love for motorcycling. A community knitted by Apache owners from all over Nepal and other nations


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